02 October 2013

What happens to foot bitches who keep Me waiting

Over the summer I gave a lucky college student the opportunity to be my bud bitch and foot slave. He had never served a Mistress before and hardly knew what I had in store with him. What fun I had spending his meager student income and using him as my bitch boy.

As my slave, bud bitch's responsibilities included:
-keeping me well stocked in dankly nuggetron
-running my errands for me
-cleaning house
-doting on my adorable feet
-surprising me regularly with gifts 

One evening when bud bitch was scheduled to stop by with my groceries and to tidy up, he texted me an hour beforehand claiming he couldn't come by because he had an exam to study for. Boohoo. I hate last minute plan changes, and he knew he was in trouble by my lack of response. Instead of scolding him, I ignored him.

The texts continued to come in from him
"Are you upset, Princess?"
"May I serve you tomorrow?"

"May I take you shoe shopping Mistress to make up for this?"

Eventually bud bitch called begging to leave his study things behind and head to my house that instant. I warned him that he'd be punished for changing plans, but told him he was allowed to come over with my groceries and a snack anyways (I'm so generous). 

He arrived after running his errands and was on his best behavior doing his chores. He handled my laundry, swept, dusted, and organized my shelves. He got a little too chatty at one point, and I reminded him that talking with me is a privilege. If he upsets me, he loses privileges, and for upsetting me with the schedule change and abusing his privilege of speech, I had him finish up his chores wearing a ball gag to get some peace. The alternative to this was having him hold a chicken flavored raw hide dog toy in his mouth, but he was so diligent with his chores, so I spared him the hide. As an aside, he was supposed to buy rope dog toys, not raw hide….he was slapped for messing up my order.

Once he finished everything on his to do list, I let him take a breather by massaging my feet. I spend my summers working long hours on my feet, and he concentrated on working out all the sore spots. As he rubbed my feet I could tell he was getting hard. I brought it up, causing him to blush, and ordered him to go measure his dick. Less than 6 inches. Ha. He was flushing at this point as he returned to rub my feet. With one foot I squashed the pathetic package between his legs, making him cringe. 

Sometimes I have an abundance of energy that I have to take out on my subs, and after a rejuvenating foot rub, I felt like having a bit of fun. After telling him to assume his bitch position (on his hands and knees, facing the ground), I used him as my little pain slut, satisfying my primal urges by digging my claws into his back, sinking my teeth into his flesh, and gripping his hair firmly in my hands. When he was weary from abuse and dizzy with devotion, I gave him a primer on how to properly put on a woman's shoes for her. Every good foot bitch should know how to place their Princess's heels upon her precious feet.  

I announced that I would give him a final 30 seconds to praise and worship my feet, and laughed as he frantically tried to make the most out of every moment. As he kissed each toe I told him he still had some making up to do. He offered to take me to dinner or the movies (Ha! Funny how slaves so badly want to cozy up to their Domme), but I told him a foot bath would be the task for next meeting, and shoe shopping would be on the schedule once he had learned to pamper and pedicure my feet. Like a good little bitch, he promised to make it happen. 
What little foot worshipper wouldn't follow my every order after being allowed to touch my perfect feet? 

Come to think of it, maybe I was too easy on the bitch by letting him worship my feet so much after his poor behavior earlier in the evening. I guess it just goes to show that sincere service can get you far with me, and that I can't turn down a good foot rub.

11 September 2013

slaves shouldn't expect to be spared humiliation at the dinner table...

I once had a slave who was very Type A. It brought me a little sadistic humor knowing that my natural tendencies to be late, leave things lying around, and handle things lazily so totally went against his way of doing things. Sometimes it's the small, subtle ways of making a person uncomfortable that make me laugh the most.

Whenever slave would prep a meal, he'd let me know when it's ready and set on the table, but I'd dillydally and ignore him. slave knew he wasn't allowed to eat before me, so as minutes went by, he'd politely remind me that the meal was ready. I would remind him that I'm the boss and the food, and he, can and will wait for me. He would get visibly flustered by the fact that the food was getting cold, that he wasn't allowed to touch his food till I'd had my first bite, etc., and I laughed watching him fret.

One evening after I eventually made my way to the table for dinner and began to eat, slave reached for his plate. I stopped him and grabbed it from him.

"I forgot," I said, before spitting all over his food. I smiled, handing the plate back to him. "Wait another minute." As I enjoyed myself, sipping wine freely, slave sat patiently and watched me enjoy the meal that he prepared for me while he himself could not enjoy it. When I finally let him eat, he humbly thanked me.

Throughout our meal I continually liked to tease slave. It's like dinnertime entertainment for me to make a mundane activity a little funnier. When he finished the food on his plate and went for seconds, I halted him, and poured some of my wine onto his plate, letting it mix with the scraps from his food.

slave hated wine, and immediately began to whine when I ordered him to lick the plate clean. I hate whining, so I poured my wine onto his plate and tittered as he slurped it all up. Complaining gets you nowhere you want to be, mutts.

Even after slurping up wine drenched table scraps, slave found the audacity to be sassy! Tsk tsk, slaves should know better. I pointed to the floor, where he obediently knelt in front of me, though with a bit of grumbling. I slapped him and spit wine in his face. I boxed and twisted his ears, tender and scabbed from previous bite punishments, making slave cringe in quite an amusing way.

I took my glass and poured more wine onto the hardwood floor. He looked at me helplessly. "Why are you hesitating?" I asked. He lowered his eyes and set to work cleaning the floor with his tongue.

For his hard work, I reminded slave that there was a cup of my golden nectar waiting upstairs for his enjoyment. He thanked me, but made a comment about preferring it hot. Tsk tsk, slave. Be careful what you wish for.

"Microwave it then. Go on, do it," I told him. He looked at me incredulously. By the devilish smile on my face, I think he gathered that I was indeed quite serious and went to get his reward. The look on his face as he waited for the mug to heat up made me grin. I could tell he was internally kicking himself for opening his mouth and getting himself into trouble again.

He sat down to the table again, this time with a hot cup of nectar, as I enjoyed my wine. With his eyes shut, he took a big gulp. "Tastes like pee tea," he said through gritted teeth.

"Good to the last drop," I laughed. "And you'd better finish every drop, bitch."

Oh slaves, don't ever think you're safe from your Domme! Any place, any time, you are my bitch, and will do what I say ;)

à plus tard

-Mlle Stella

20 August 2013

Fur of the Week: Sable

Those who are familiar with the finer things in life might know a thing or two about 


Anouk Aimée in a sable coat by Bert Stern, 1965

The Essentials

  • traditionally the most expensive fur
  • very shiny and sily
  • lightweight, yet durable
  • very warm
  • best pelts typically come from Russia

The Critter
The sable

Martes zibellina, is a member of the marten family, and is a relative to the weasel and mink (see last week's mink article!) They're primarily found in Russia and other parts of Siberia. In the wild, the longest recorded lifespan was 8 years, while in captivity- 18. They're mostly carnivorous, but have been known to enjoy the occasional diet of nuts and berries when prey is scarce. The sable's winter fur is longer than in the the summer, with hues ranging from light brown to the dark, almost black, brown that many associate with the word "sable".

What to Note When Purchasing Sable:

Naomi Campbell in sable by Dennis Basso.

If any fur is a symbol of wealth and fortune, it's sable. It has been a fur favorite of the rich and powerful since the Middle Ages. Purchasing a genuine sable piece is like purchasing a little piece of cultural history.

It is argued that the best Russian sable comes from the Barguzin region of SiberiaSable pelts from Barguzin were historically reserved for the Russian royal family, which is why it is also known as Imperial sable. The abundance of sable in Siberia in part spurred Russia's conquest of the region.

Sable is known to be silkier than any fur because the hairs turn well in any direction. Because of this, unlike other furs that bristle when brushed the "wrong" way, sable retains its smoothness, giving it a leg up in the silkiness department compared to other furs. Sable fur is marked by long, luxurious guard hairs and a thick underfur. It is notably dense, and won't easily blow apart like other furs might.

While Russian is the most prized and most expensive (typically being a dark brown with a silvery blue cast), Canadian golden sable is common and less expensive, and sable from China and other North Asian countries is not unheard of.

When Purchasing Vintage:

Woman in Park Wearing Sable Coat and Elaborate Chiffon and Feather Hat by Henri Manuel
The same rules of purchasing other vintage furs apply to purchasing sable. A refresher is never bad!

-The skin is where you'll really be able to test the quality of a vintage fur. There should be no stiffness or crinkling. If you hear crunchy noises when you lightly scrunch a vintage fur it HAS NOT been stored properly.

-Beware of strong odors (perfumes, mothballs, smoke) and light stains (discolorations) as these are further signs of an improperly stored fur.

-ALWAYS BUY FROM A TRUSTED SOURCE. I cannot stress this enough. A fur is an investment. It's better to hound the shop owner or furrier (politely, of course) with questions about the source, pelts, etc. of the vintage fur in question than to leave the shop with an empty pocketbook and an inferior fur product in hand. When in the market for fur, it really is best to shop in person as opposed to online, unless you have really strong positive feelings regarding the online vendor. When shopping online though, it's impossible to check a fur piece as thoroughly as you could in person.

-Check the full product for hidden tears and rips, and also be sure to check the lining for fraying and stains. It's costly to properly replace the lining of a fur coat. Many fur fanatics recommend wearing a scarf with your fur to prevent staining the lining around the neck. 

-With purchasing sable specifically, do not go into a vintage or thrift shop expecting to find a quality sable for cheap. Sable is the fur of royalty! Even vintage pieces can fetch a pretty penny. If you're about to purchase a sable for $150, chances are you are not about to purchase a real sable piece. Prepare to spend when shopping for sable

My vintage sable coat is a favorite of mine. One of my proudest purchases. Can't wait for winter! 


Stay tuned for next week's Fur of the Week. More luxury, more elegance, & always more fur. Perhaps next week I'll have a new purchase of my own to show off ;)


Mlle Stella

19 August 2013

Fun with humiliation slut, sharing subs/clients, & more Double Domme sessions!

I know some Dommes feel very protective of their clients, and aren't open to the idea of sharing. I'm quite the opposite. I get a kick out of Double Domme sessions, sharing clients, and allowing for some play with other Dommes. Perhaps my situation is atypical because I travel frequently, and it's impossible for me to maintain regular sessions with my slaves in one city when I spend half the year in another. Lately I've been networking and chatting with more Ladies who love Double Domme sessions, and it's been a fun change to the normal behavior of hoarding (ha, I mean that lightly).

I've also been preparing to relocate for the school year back to New England after spending a wonderful summer in the Crescent City. I've had a blast getting to know my regular sub clients, introducing inexperienced subbies to new experiences, and practicing my skills. My subs all bemoaned the fact that I'd be relocating at the end of the summer. I'm not sure how most Dommes would react in that situation, but to me it seemed natural to invite a smart Lady who I knew and trusted to observe my sessions and see what sort of experience I offer so that she could play with my subs in my absence. I didn't think "Hmm well I'll forbid them from seeing other Dommes till I got back!" That's no fun for anyone! My subs need to be kept in line in my absence, and why not spread the love and share a few loyal clients with my gal pal?

The last session that I invited her into was an AM rendezvous with a bonafide humiliation slut. My gal pal quickly took to the corporal punishment, obedience training, behavior modification, foot worship, and other favorites of mine from previous sessions, but humiliation was new to her.

We welcomed slut at the door, and he was tickled to see two such beautiful ladies greet him! I love being able to tell from the look on a sub's face that they know what a privilege it is to spend time with me (and my Domme friends!)

slut waited naked, face down on the floor while Miss O and I plotted. I collared him and, holding his short leash in my hand, ordered him to show off his learned commands to Miss O. slut is very good at "Floor", "Beg", "Worship", "Wall", "Present", "Footrest", and "Heel". I only have to beat him occasionally for not following orders immediately!

I ordered him to heel and we went for a little walkabout as he complimented Miss O and thanked her for letting him spend time with her. She was nice enough to let him kiss her shoe to show his gratitude. I punched him in the balls just to remind him that he wasn't here to be pampered, and then ordered him to act as a footrest while Miss O and I discussed how pathetic and funny he was. I had him fetch his sissy panties from the table (using his mouth, of course) and had him repeat the sissy panty fashion show I was so impressed with last week! Miss O got a few good chuckles out of seeing a grown man (much older than either of us) prance around like a supermodel in less than sexy lady's briefs.

When we were bored of the fashion show, Miss O and I took turns writing on slave in marker.

"pencil dick" on his belly with an arrow pointing down...
A game of tic-tac-toe on his back
A picture of him dressed as a girl with some less than complimentary remarks

Haha. We had a bit of fun making his body our drawing board and toy. I walked him over to the mirror, holding his leash tightly, and told him to look at himself. "Don't you look ridiculous?" I asked. "Yes Miss Stella, I do."

Miss O and I were amused at this point, but we wanted to have more fun! I cuffed his ankles together and tightly wound his torso in saran wrap. Even though he couldn't move much, I thought it'd be a great time for him to worship our feet, give us foot massages, laugh together at his lack of sexual prowess, and make him sing songs to entertain us. Have you heard the "I Love Miss Stella's Butt Song"? Well, it's humiliation slut's best number, and he comes up with astounding new verses every session. 

With our feet massaged and worshipped properly, Miss O and I thought it might be time to give slut a little treat. He'd amused us thoroughly throughout the session, so we let him play with himself. He had a rough time of it with his arms bound to his side with saran wrap (he could only barely reach his little dick!), Miss O smothering him with her ass, and with my casually kicking him in the balls with my heels! slut still asked for permission to cum like a good little bitch, and when he made a mess, I rewarded him further by shoving a rag in his mouth and letting him clean it all up. He still didn't have full use of his arms or legs yet. Watching him topple over and squirm on the floor to wipe up was a hoot. 

At the end of the session as slut was preparing to leave, the three of us enjoyed a little conversation about my going away. slut expressed again how happy he was to have found a Domme in the area that obviously enjoyed her work and was simultaneously his fantasy and nightmare. he pleaded to be kept abreast of any trips I might make to New Orleans. he also expressed how lucky he felt to have another Domme to serve in my absence, one that he could associate in his mind with me, that he knew I would approve of, and that he knew had similar kink interests as myself. 

Isn't that a lovely story? My Domme pal has a new client, my client will have an outlet to express his submission (in a way that reminds him of me), and when I'm back in town, the option of Double or Single Domme sessions is always an option. Everyone wins. 

Again, I mentioned that I might be biased because I don't live in the same area year round, but in my opinion, variety is the spice of life. No Domme is going to session quite like another Domme, and not every sub is looking for the same experience. So why not refer around? Why not share subs and offer Double Domme sessions? I mean, when it comes down to it, if you're providing quality D/s sessions,  a sub is still going to come see you, even if they enjoyed seeing A for a time, or they see Z occasionally as well. 

I'm personally just trying to have a good time now really, not slit any throats or make enemies, and if I can have fun with another lovely Domme, I won't pass up the opportunity.

That's my two cents ;)

15 August 2013

Double the Domme, Double the Fun!

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of inviting a lovely Lady friend to observe two of my evening sessions and give her a little taste of what  female domination looks like!

My gal pal, Miss O, and myself. Don't we make a lovely pair? ;)

It was such fun showing her the ropes (ha) and watching her comfort level grow as the sessions progressed. It was as if she had never experienced male submission before, but once she got a taste of power she LOVED IT. 

It was great to have a Domme pal to help me spit on my subs, laugh at them, abuse them, and tease them. Both of my sessions for the evening were foot worship sessions, and we got a kick out of helping each other trying on an assortment of heels while the boys drooled, and begged to be allowed to join in the fun. Don't worry, we made them work very hard for the privileges of massaging, kissing, and smelling our feet! It was so fun sharing my knowledge, experience, and love of BDSM.

As much as I loved humiliating my sub with a friend and possible new Domme, educating her as to proper play techniques, and welcoming her into the fun and exciting fetish world, I don't understand how so many Dommes can be defensive and cold to other females who express a genuine interest in female domination. This phenomenon seems to be most common in the online FemDom spheres. I really enjoy real time play, and when I first entered the BDSM scene as soon as I turned 18, I felt nothing but acceptance and support from more experienced players, and this remains true today. 

These little Domme "vendettas" and snob parties seem so bizarre to me. I often feel I'm the only Domme who is happy to receive emails and messages asking for advice, recommendations, ideas, or compliments from other Dommes. If Dommes have issues with other Dommes' play (firstly, why would you? Are they personally inconveniencing you?), wouldn't it be better to have civil discussions about the different style of play people enjoy in the world, and how the kink/fetish community (RT and online) is welcoming to all safe & sane players? The kink community gets a lot of flak from the vanilla world at times, so wouldn't it make more sense to bolster the sense of community amongst fellow kinksters rather than make it a realm of elitism and competition?

I think to myself "Perhaps it's an insecurity thing, they're worried about their supply of subs", but that just doesn't make sense to me. There will never be a shortage of subs. As long as females are females and embrace their natural divinity, there will be men (and cute subby girls, trans slaves, queer fun bottoms, and more!) enough for every Domme to have one (or two or twenty, whatever floats your boat). I'm a firm believer that negative energy gets you nowhere and what you send out into the world comes back to you in time. It's doubtful you'll catch me griping about Dommes, mocking their style, or critiquing their looks. If you're a gal doing what makes you happy in a safe and consensual way, power to you, chica! The way I see it, we should be allies, not enemies, in supporting FemDom lifestyles and play. Dommes, if you're threatened by a new Domme that just means she's doing something right.

Online play has been a fun experiment for me. I've met some really lovely Ladies (and some amusing little subs!) and have enjoyed paving my own path & sculpting a style that suits my nature (even if it isn't "the way things are done"). I'm in this to make myself happy, not to adhere to stereotypes and satisfy the majority. I'm just trying to express myself ;)

"Being myself is something I do well. Whatever you do, do it good."

14 August 2013

Tuesdays are Made for Torture and Teasing!: First Session

Gather round eager pups and piglets! Mademoiselle Stella has a treat in store for y'all and it's called: How Miss Stella Came to Acquire Lovely New Heels & Used Them to Abuse a Foot & Goddess Worshipper (nice, long title, eh?)

We're going to call the little worshipper "d". "d" contacted me sometime ago in July saying he'd be traveling to New Orleans in August. he said if I were to grant him a session he'd be "ecstatic beyond words". "I certainly could never deserve to be in Your presence", he said in his emails. Ha. Smart little mutt. He wanted to earn the honor of being used by Mademoiselle Stella, and begged to take me shopping for heels and stockings. I don't extend that privilege to first time subbies, so he sent this along so I could shop on my own to purchase a new pair of tempting heels:
My purchase was more than the gift card, but I took care of that during our session...

d was so excited that I had agreed to session with him on his visit. He wanted to message and email me constantly, but really, who has time for that in between shopping, relaxing, using my subbies, keeping my slaves busy, seeing my Alphas, hanging with friends....certainly not I. Still, it didn't stop him from sending beaucoup emails and messages reminding me how thrilled he was to be seeing me soon:

"I'll carry dreams of being crushed under Your delicious heels with me throughout the day.  In dreams, and now day-dreams, I remain utterly Yours."
"I'll think of little else but You all weekend...  You, glorious You :)"
"I hope You're having a great day, but I also hope You're in the mood to take out some frustrations on me tomorrow.  Had a bad day two years ago?  Ok, go with it, just take it out on me.  ;) "
" I doubt I'll even be able to sleep tonight; such delicious fantasies are running through my mind..."

Boyyyyyy was he desperate for some Miss Stella style abuse! He went absolutely gaga when I told him that I'd be having a friend of mine observe and possibly participate in the session...
Double the Domme, double the fun....and pain, and torture, and humiliation!

After I accepted his cash tribute, I asked d if he wanted to see the pretty shoes that I bought with the gift card he sent me. Of course he did! I asked if he wanted to put them on my feet, maybe lick them, worship them? Of course he did! "TOO BAD!" I told him. He would have to earn the privilege of being able to see those special heels and placing them upon my lovely feet. Instead, he got to watch as my guest Domme and I tried on shoes together and laughed at him as he lay helpless and exposed on the floor.

Get this: d actually had the audacity to be late to our session! He cited a dinner commitment held him up, but tardiness is not allowed. As he was 12 minutes late, I told him that 12 would be the theme of the evening. 

Me observing d, prepared to deliver him blows from my floggers in increments of 12 to uphold the session's theme!

I had a devilishly good time abusing him with my toys. My gal pal and I played "Good Domme/Bad Domme", and it was a hoot watching d be overjoyed as he was allowed to kiss the guest Domme's heels and feet while I dragontailed his balls or crushed his cock beneath my heels. 

d, acting as a human floor beneath a pair of my lovely heels. 

d could hardly talk throughout the session. He was capable of moans, shouts, helpless groans of "Thank you, Goddess!" when I dug my pointy heels into his nipples, and a thoroughly pathetic attempt at counting each blow that I delivered. I think my guest Domme really enjoyed slapping d when he forgot to count! She laughed throughout the whole session and was astounded by how pathetic this mutt was. When we asked if he was nervous, excited, happy, the only phrase he could utter (repeatedly) was "Have you seen yourself in the mirror, Goddess?"

Spread those legs, slave. Miss Stella needs to hurt you. 

He was a blubbering mess towards the end of the session, but I finally revealed to him to heels I purchased with his gift card and let him put them on for me (before I used them to abuse him some more!). 

 Loving these heels!

I've really been enjoying having my slaves swallow their cum, lately, so d got to savor his essence while my guest Domme and I laughed at him, disgusted and amused. Before he left, I had him empty his wallet of all his cash. He had the time of his life and spent an hour in the presence of two cruel and tantalizing Goddesses who used him as our little pain slut and foot junkie. The additional tribute hardly compared to the gift that we had given him, but what tribute can really equal the gift a Domme gives a sub? 

Stay tuned for an evening update rehashing the second session of the evening: where guest Domme learns she really REALLY likes to hurt people, and another foot slave has the honor of massaging my feet, being smothered by me and my guest Domme, having his nipples tortured, & more! 

-Mlle Stella

13 August 2013

Fur of the Week: Mink!

Another week of fabulous Domme living, another week to feature a favorite fur! This week?



Quilted Mink Coat


The Essentials:
The "Queen" of furs (most popular fur worldwide)
Incredibly light
Shorter fur
Very glossy & lustrous

The Critter:
The mink is a semi-aquatic member of the weasel family (Mustelidae). There are two species , the European & American mink, but it is the American mink that is prized for it's pelt. The American mink, or Neovison vison, is native to North America, but has found it's way to parts of Europe and South America, and through human intervention, Siberia and Asia. Female pelts are small, softer, & silkier than pelts from males. Because mink are much smaller animals than other fur critters, fur goods require more pelts, which makes the overall price more expensive. This is why mink goods are often pricier than similar goods sourced from other, larger animals. 

Cute little critter, eh? The European Mink is critically endangered, while the American Mink numbers are healthy and thriving. Repopulation projects using American Mink in areas of European Mink decline partially contributed to the growth of American Mink populations in Europe and Asia. 

What to Note When Purchasing Mink:
Mink pieces are often described as looking "shiny and wet". Their pelt is water-resistant thanks to oily guard hairs and a thick underfur, which lend to the luxurious glossiness and softness of mink pieces. The flat and short texture of fur compared to other popular furs give it an almost velvety feel, with extra plushness. Mink is also very lightweight. 

Wild mink is dark, but farm raised mink is most common and comes in a variety of colors (either selectively bred, or dyed).

Mink coats in a variety of colors. 

When looking for mink, keep in mind you want:
  • Good fit
  • Silky guard hairs & even-textured underfur
  • Well matched pelts (color & size)
  • Sheen! If a mink piece does not have that special luster, be wary of faux fur or mislabeled/mismarketed alternatives.

When Purchasing Vintage:
An ad from 1960 for EMBA, or the Mutation Mink Breeders Association. Mink has long been a symbol of luxury, being amongst the most expensive fur varieties. 

Vintage mink is not as soft and silky as modern day mink. Fur breeders have perfected fur farmer techniques over the years to produce pelts plusher than any vintage fur you can find. With that in mind, that doesn't mean it's impossible to find a quality vintage mink piece that still has that luxuriously soft mink feel.

With any vintage piece, one has to beware these harbingers of poorly crafted or stored furs:
  • oxidization (yellowing of the fur)
  • brittle leather or fur (indicates a dried out fur, that hasn't been kept well)
  • leather undersides of fur with very little elasticity (again, dried out fur, not well kept)
  • rips in the fur or lining (pay close attention to the shoulders, neck, and arm holes. 
  • shedding (some shedding is normal, especially in rabbit and chinchilla, but you shouldn't walk in your piece and leave a trail of hairs) 
An untrained eye and hand can very easily confuse more modern, faux fur with a vintage genuine fur. While vintage furs can sometimes be coarser than their genuine fur modern counterparts, a well maintained older fur should still be soft and supple, never dry or brittle. 

Try to buy vintage fur only from reputable vintage dealers or consignments stores that specialize in high end goods. A mink coat is a luxury investment, and a must for any diva who is a fan of the finer things in life.

My vintage Gus Mayer mink. 


All this talk about fur has me in the mood for shopping! I'm off to go spend my latest DSW gift card and perhaps peruse my favorite vintage shop for what furry goodies they might have in store for me today.

à plus tard,

-Mlle Stella